企业家媒体 The Entrepreneur has invite Claudia & Chernice to their very own 企业家GoLIVE! Program on 27 August 2020 to know us more on how did Claudia & Chernice's origin story. Catherine, the founder of Claudia & Chernice had and actively share with the GoLIVE host, Jenny, to understand more on Claudia & Chernice’s Monotone Trend!Catherine has her own focus on unique style and sharp fashion sense - Black and White! She enjoys dressing up and feels joy chasing fashion and this led her to build her own fashion collections that can be shared with everyone too. It is a common...

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Spring Magazine & HDB Tai Tai 2

Claudia and Chernice’s founder and owner Catherine was featured not once but twice in the media.     We are featured on HDB Tai Tai 2 (2009)   While being featured on HDB Tai Tai, the reason behind the feature was not because her customers are tai tai’s, neither was she an ordinary tai tai herself. Catherine’s collection was known for its uniqueness, bringing a fresh new look into her neighbourhood, back when her retail store was in Hougang. Feature Article on Spring Magazine Nov-Dec 2003 Issue   The clothes were chosen personally by Catherine. The make-up artist-turned-fashion line owner...

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