How do you can rock with the monochromatic outfit?

Most people associate monochrome with black and white, is a safe shade that suits your everyday wear. However, monochromic also means having similar shades of colours that you can pair with based on your favourite and choice. Varying hues and tones of accessories and layers of clothing and bring a cohesive combination of your monochromatic look. You can consider and add different textures and details such as pleats and ruffles that help break the monotony. The monochrome colours combinations go well together flawlessly with any colours.


Smart Casual Look

How can you look smart while wearing comfortable and look formal at the same time? While you have to appear professional, keeping simple and adding a touch of accessories to enhance your look can make a spin to your look. Whether you work in an artistic workplace or innovative start-up there a lot of people wanting to have a casual dress code that still should professionalism in it. You probably find yourself having too many options and lost on what to wear.

Dressing for the office can be tricky, from finding the right style of...


Monotone dressing in the fashion world is here to stay! Monochromatic dressing is wearing similar shades with different texture for an overall tonal outfit look. You can add some depth to your outfit for the day by multi-layering of varied textures of one colour, this adds dimensions to your overall look. Ever wonder how to bring the focus towards your face and upwards to show more confidence in yourself? Try wearing bottoms with slightly darker shades and work your way up with brighter colours. The ease of adopting a sophisticated style and yet astoundingly easy...


Have you ever wonder where to look for an outfit that fits all occasion? Claudia & Chernice is a one-stop Black-White Convenient Store. Almost like a jigsaw puzzle, there are many varieties to mix and match, a very simple trend indeed of piecing a variety of colour blacks in a complementary manner. We have many stylish collections for you to choose from, and you can get any style of outfits that you will surely be impressed by it.


Beyond just creating looks that are Chic and Slick, we model out the best of you...

Claudia & Chernice Fan Contest

Claudia & Chernice is launching its first contest!

Claudia & Chernice is known for being the only monochrome fashion outlet in town. So we would like to see our fans, YOU, pulling it off the monochrome look!

All you need to do is to submit 2-4 best photos of you and your other half, sporting in your best black and white outfit. Stand a chance to win up to $100 worth of merchandise!* and a chance to feel what it’s like to be a Claudia & Chernice model, in a studio photoshoot^ by our very own owner, Catherine!

Submit your...