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Prosperous Lunar New Year 2021


  2020 has been a tough year for most of us, as we all move forward, we wish you a peaceful and prosperous New Year in 2021. As part of the tradition, every Lunar New Year celebrations, we purchase new clothes for the new year. Buying yourself new clothes or buy as a gift for your family is a sign of a new beginning, ridding of the old and a new change. In the past Chinese tradition, mothers or wives would sew new clothes for the new year ahead. The way to dress for the Chinese New Year is to...

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Expand Store Space In 2021!

With 2021 coming near, Claudia & Chernice is heading for an astounding start with their store expansion at OG Albert. With a bigger space, Claudia & Chernice will be displaying new fast-fashion collections that surely captivate your style. A new look and new apparel will be made available for you to get your ideal outfit for the upcoming new year.    Claudia & Chernice has been working hard for the past 4 years since 2016 to bring the best clothing line to the customers. Presenting stylish and unique black and white fashion in Singapore. The expanded store is located at OG ALBERT 2ND...

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7 Stunning All White Outfit

Fuzzy Stitch Crop Tee A tight crop top will look best with a looser pair of pants or skirt do give of a dimension of your overall shape. For more outfit tips, it can be paired with a tighter bottom to give a sharp and formal look. With high-waisted jeans or shorts for more casual or edgy looks with paired with a crop tee.   Sleeveless Korean Style Top Every one need a sleeveless top for summer, it is the predominant look in for summer and a take the focus off your arms when you're wearing a sleeveless top. A...

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We Are Simplicity Black

Isn’t black everyone’s favourite “colour” when it comes to choosing your very own outfit? However, many people feel like they could not pull off the all-black outfit look even if they love how it looks on magazines and on other people. The truth is that, anyone can look amazing in the all-black style by just knowing these few tips! All you need is the right self-confidence and the right techniques.     Texture To avoid the all-black look, having texture with spice up your overall style. These fabric pieces include, pre-pleated, shirred, lace, ribbed weave and the list goes down....

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How do you can rock with the monochromatic outfit? Most people associate monochrome with black and white, is a safe shade that suits your everyday wear. However, monochromic also means having similar shades of colours that you can pair with based on your favourite and choice. Varying hues and tones of accessories and layers of clothing and bring a cohesive combination of your monochromatic look. You can consider and add different textures and details such as pleats and ruffles that help break the monotony. The monochrome colours combinations go well together flawlessly with any colours.     Mixing Fabric Texture...

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