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Limited-time 50% SALES

Claudia & Chernice is having a limited-time 50% SALES at our Albert OG outlet, as we bring in black and white streetwear styles. This popular collection is fashionable and casual to wear in urban areas. It holds the element of modern and hip-hop fashion the gives off life and energy with your style with this clothing. There are no strict rules in wearing urbancore outfits, you can match up with various tops and bottoms that associate with real-life and modern-day society. Rock your aesthetic with the right style, and experiment with unique style choices with Claudia & Chernice. Come and find...

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Once you go black, you never go back #throwback

Starting the black and white fashion trend.

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Monochrome Fashion with Claudia & Chernice #throwback

Here's how Claudia & Chernice started in the fashion world.

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Meet the Team

  Claudia & Chernice Team The success of Claudia & Chernice (C&C) is thanks to the relentless dedication of each of our C&C team members. Looking back, many milestones and joy was created during the past years. We believe that these important core values will guide C&C team to develop their own identity that will inspire everyone.   Value 1: Creativity We encourage continuous learning and encouraging each other in the team to create new ways to do things. Innovative mindset encourages the team to express themselves freely with ideas.   Value 2: Confidence  We convey ourselves with confidence by being our true...

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Prosperous Lunar New Year 2021


  2020 has been a tough year for most of us, as we all move forward, we wish you a peaceful and prosperous New Year in 2021. As part of the tradition, every Lunar New Year celebrations, we purchase new clothes for the new year. Buying yourself new clothes or buy as a gift for your family is a sign of a new beginning, ridding of the old and a new change. In the past Chinese tradition, mothers or wives would sew new clothes for the new year ahead. The way to dress for the Chinese New Year is to...

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