Meet the Team


Claudia & Chernice Team

The success of Claudia & Chernice (C&C) is thanks to the relentless dedication of each of our C&C team members. Looking back, many milestones and joy was created during the past years. We believe that these important core values will guide C&C team to develop their own identity that will inspire everyone.


Value 1: Creativity

We encourage continuous learning and encouraging each other in the team to create new ways to do things. Innovative mindset encourages the team to express themselves freely with ideas.


Value 2: Confidence 

We convey ourselves with confidence by being our true selves, focusing on our strengths.


Value 3: Continuity

We are proactive with our next step and always strive to be the best! 


Value 4: Compassion

Always be working to improve ourselves and others. We are cooperative and help each other out.


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