POPPIN with us in Plaza Singapura

POPPIN with us in Plaza Singapura

$20 for each piece till 30 April 2022,

#03-67 to 69

Apparel, hats, accessories are available at our booth R09


Claudia & Chernice is having at POP-UP event in collaboration with T-Cartel. There are a wide range of collection available at an extremely attractive prices!

If you like to keep your clothing simple yet in style Claudia & Chernice fashion is just for you. We believe that black and white clothing will never go out is style and it brings out your very own personality while wearing C&C clothing. We are a fun and energetic fashion store that hold various unique design where you can find nowhere else in Singapore.

Do keep a look out for us at Plaza Singapura during this limited time! 

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