How do you can rock with the monochromatic outfit?

Most people associate monochrome with black and white, is a safe shade that suits your everyday wear. However, monochromic also means having similar shades of colours that you can pair with based on your favourite and choice. Varying hues and tones of accessories and layers of clothing and bring a cohesive combination of your monochromatic look. You can consider and add different textures and details such as pleats and ruffles that help break the monotony. The monochrome colours combinations go well together flawlessly with any colours.



Mixing Fabric Texture

Imagine having all the similar colour pair up together in a nice shade, but you feel there something that can makes your outfit pop. Try adding depth, dimensions and visual patterns to your monochromatic outfits. With the mixed texture, it takes the entire monochrome outfit to an entirely new level.


Go with the Basic Colour

Colour that goes well with you may depend on your hair and skin tone.  Why not start with black and white which is extremely easy to style with any accessories and is a universal safe colour. If you are lost or confused about how to achieve the monochrome trendy look, Claudia and Chernice clothing online store have a wide range of fashionable black and white outfits selection for you to start the monochrome trend.


Know the Balance

In creating a look that is fashionable and not just for a monochrome ensemble. The key is to maintain a balance as you combine different pieces of clothing. What you want to achieve is not to have an overwhelming or “shouting” of the entire monochrome vibe at the same time not to be too boring in your outfit. To achieve it, try playing with proportions and create a look that makes elongates your height and slimmer. For example, if you are a wearing a loose or oversize t-shirt try combining a fitted bottom.

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