Smart Casual Look

How can you look smart while wearing comfortable and look formal at the same time? While you have to appear professional, keeping simple and adding a touch of accessories to enhance your look can make a spin to your look. Whether you work in an artistic workplace or innovative start-up there a lot of people wanting to have a casual dress code that still should professionalism in it. You probably find yourself having too many options and lost on what to wear.

Dressing for the office can be tricky, from finding the right style of tops and having it casual for your Friday that many things you have to consider. Furthermore, you’re when your office has vague dress code, you tense to get overwhelmed by your style of dressing. A smart casual look will be ideal to be your daily wardrobe. There are dress, cigarette pants, black blazer, comfortable pointed toe heels, jeans and t-shirts that can be ensemble into business casual.

Heading out with friends to an informal client meeting, having a smart formal and casual look for your day can be simple. Classic straight pants or midi skirt with a chic top can create a look you need. Try building your look piece by piece, and with the colour black and white you will never go wrong on any occasion. The black and white suit almost every occasion and is the sleek and classic colour for years. Claudia and Chernice online fashion store have the clothing that you are finding.

Choose something appropriate with polished style on neutral colour or black and white. Select styles that do not show too much of your chest and legs. Long shirts, maxi dress, pants and long sleeve shirts are some of the go-to styles to make it smart as well as casual with classy designs. Straight pants and perfect jeans also pull off the smart casual look with paring up with the right texture and colour top. Simple and straight fabric with velvety clothes gives a touch luxurious that balance up with your jeans. Pairing up with a soft blazer, shirt, heels to complete your look.

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