Have you ever wonder where to look for an outfit that fits all occasion? Claudia & Chernice is a one-stop Black-White Convenient Store. Almost like a jigsaw puzzle, there are many varieties to mix and match, a very simple trend indeed of piecing a variety of colour blacks in a complementary manner. We have many stylish collections for you to choose from, and you can get any style of outfits that you will surely be impressed by it.


Beyond just creating looks that are Chic and Slick, we model out the best of you that suits your classy and fun personality. We are designing textures, and can't be happier with the designs we came out with! We want to help everyone to achieve a look that will give all the confidence you want.


What’s your style? Feminine or Cool? From dainty eyelet to versatile reversibility, and from artistic abstract prints to chic monochromic details. At Claudia & Chernice, we have clothing styles that are well-design that give you the perfect fit.


Dressing head to toe in highly contrasting shading may sound overwhelming, however, it is perhaps the least demanding approaches to elevate your look. Imagine monochrome details with an indication of differing textures and fabrics. Our designs are a mix of darker tones that gives a unique theme. Regardless of any event, you are attending, a monochrome outfit eliminates the mystery from getting dressed. With this strategy, pulling together an outfit has never been simpler. In fact, you would not need to stress over matching your top and bottoms. To make a monochrome outfit stands out, pair it with pieces in a comparable texture as it is an incredible method to keep an outfit intriguing.


Our Location

Visit us in-store or online to get your items! Have a try on the clothing at Claudia & Chernice, limited designs are also available at our physical store. Feel free to head down to our store in Singapore for any purchase and enquiries.


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