Monotone dressing in the fashion world is here to stay! Monochromatic dressing is wearing similar shades with different texture for an overall tonal outfit look. You can add some depth to your outfit for the day by multi-layering of varied textures of one colour, this adds dimensions to your overall look. Ever wonder how to bring the focus towards your face and upwards to show more confidence in yourself? Try wearing bottoms with slightly darker shades and work your way up with brighter colours. The ease of adopting a sophisticated style and yet astoundingly easy to elongate your silhouette, consider dressing up monochromatically that has one continual line from head to toe makes an illusion of taller and slimmer look.


Fashion enthusiasts have found ways to finally own the trend other than just the idea of mix and matching your top and bottoms. To get a variety, experiment it with texture and fabrics to add a fun element to it. Putting a few accessories such as a shimmering bag or a classic that can make a whole new difference to your outfit vibe. Getting trendy with monotone black and white gives a unique touch to your ensemble.


So, what’s makes Claudia and Chernice be so passionate about the monotone theme in our fashion dressing and having our very own online fashion store? First of all, it is the simplicity of planning for your outfit to be wear for your day. Having a monotone wardrobe makes dressing up so much simpler. Sticking to a few variations of styles, you will be able to wear it in different combinations with a few other items.


A monochrome wardrobe is timeless and always trendy and suit everyone! You wear a colour that suits you, it is easy to blend with many clothes that you had already own. Everyone has a preference in their fashion style. If you think you don’t, you just haven’t discovered yet. Give a try to a two-tone ensemble outfit, mixing different tone of grey or black.


The monochrome look is flattering, matching and classic, it allows you to combine tone that compliments your skin tone. If the shade is too strong for your top, pair it up with an accessory. On the other hand, you can look for a two-tone overall that emphasis its colour at the bottom or have a softer tone with an outfit that have stripes, where you can find it perfectly in our online fashion store.


Likewise, you will find it so easy to blend new purchases into your wardrobe, even a simple colour grey, has a variety of shades. Claudia and Chernice online fashion store give you an ideal wardrobe that you do not need a lot of budget for lots of clothes, as all the clothes you owe has loads of potential for re-wearing with different styles that you could ever imagine. It’s a very classic look that will be able to wear your pieces year after year. Monochrome also makes an accessory with basic black and white bag, shoes or hat for your every single outfit.

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