About Us


I am the proud owner of Claudia & Chernice. I started Claudia & Chernice few years ago. We are uniquely homegrown in Singapore with the aim to design to everyone's closet of apparels

Over the years, we are always keeping in contact with our suppliers around the the Asia. We have done several styles such as Bohemian. Our stocks are sourced from various countries to ensure that they are unique, different but at the same time, fit into the new & current trend - Monochrome. 

Claudia & Chernice is the online store sells clothes & accessories which are monochrome theme, we think that Monochrome style is chic and always a classic.

Our Experiences

Kiosk: 2002 - 2005
Physical Store: 2005 - 2010 / 2012 - 2014 (Hougang & Tampines)
Consignment: 2015 - Current
E-Commerce: 2013 - Current


Our Logo

Claudia & Chernice is specially designed and our own signature brand. We have our logo since 2017 and we are constantly designing more empowering and fun cutting apparels. We believe that clothes should be comfortable yet fashionable, loving what you wear radiates confidences. Claudia & Chernice manufacture clothings to the modern generations of basics and creating personal signature styles.


Our Counters

Claudia & Chernice has various counters located at Orchard and Albert Complex. Our clothing are sold at liftstyle stores and located at the central. 

Orchard lifestyle outlet has the a large displaying space with Claudia & Chernice's blouse and tee collection. With the increase of popularity in our black and white fashion style, our Albert Complex lifestyle store will be expanding to offer a greater store space. As we do have our online shop, Claudia & Chernice have many uniquely designed clothing that is exclusively available at the lifestyle store. Fashionable clothings are displayed and available for you to view and touch on.

Updated on 1 March 2020