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I Have "Nothing" To Wear

Have you ever said “I’ve nothing to wear” every time you head out? Trying every clothes that you have but still feeling that it’s not complete?

There could be a reason why you have fall for this. Your shopping habits might be causing these wardrobe dilemmas, where your overflowing closets make it hard to pick the perfect outfit. Shopping without think of the outfits are mostly standalone pieces that are hard to match with your own existing clothes, and this impulse purchase might be one of the reasons why you have “nothing to wear”.

Another reason is you keep buying the same items. Your favourite style and colour will often attract you to buy the same clothing. For instance, maybe you are a fan of denim styles, and when you open your wardrobe you have a lack of options when you want to dress in a more elegant and formal way. Thus, having the same styles does not match every occasion. However, depending on how you match your outfit with various textures of clothing you could still achieve your looks with class.


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    Our Fashion Stores in Singapore

    Claudia & Chernice has our very own physical store located at Orchard and Albert. In-store exclusive products and be browse on your website.

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    • Spring Magazine
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    Why Black & White

    Claudia & Chernice was found in 2016. Catherine, the founder of the fashion store start her own black and white fashion to bring the best in every one of her customers. Every piece is carefully designed to bring out a unique sense of style and east to match the concept. Chic and hip collections and yet suitable for almost every occasion wear.


    Simple Yet Unique 

    Black and white fashion has been around for the longest time. It is the favourite combination of clothing styles that leads everyone to fall in love with it. Wearing monochromic clothing has numerous of benefits. It is easy to match,  goes well with everything and suitable for almost all occasion and season. You can even go wild with accessories or make up and still look tamed and without dramatic.

    Wearing black and white also accentuate your flattering figure that makes you look slimmer. And best of all, the classic black and white fashion makes you appear more attractive, intelligent.

    Claudia & Chernice’s collections will never goes out of style!


    Find out more of our collection!




    Our Signature Collection

    We have 3 collections for you! Specifically they are C&C Mono, C&C Statement Black and YY Dark & Light. 

    The concept behind C&C Mono is street style fashion with the basics monochromic design of black and white. It is extremely stylish with anything you wear, it is easy to match and wear it on a daily basis.

    Wheras, C&C Statement Black is bold yet classic. The design of the clothing enhance on the style and unique cut. The simple shades of black and white draws the attentions to the stitches and the clothing details.

    YY Dark & Light refers to the Ying Yang concept. It bring the balance of both colours and styles that create the perfect clothing.



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